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CANON ORIGIN: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
CHRONOLOGY: Pre-Calamity Ganon Fight, Post-Everything Else

BACKGROUND: Plot and Link's role in it is listed here~"

PERSONALITY: Habitually silent, Link is characterized by a remarkable sense of duty. As Zelda notes to him during their travels, he is determined to share the same role as his Father, a strong and dutiful knight of Hyrule. Brave, courageous, and kindhearted are all phrases the people of Hyrule would use to describe the Princess' chosen Champion, Link. Both before and after the Calamity that tears Hyrule apart, Link has been known to make friends with most everyone he comes across. Always willing to help, no matter how menial the request, Link builds the trust, friendship, and admiration of anyone willing to give it out. Whether it be bravely cutting down an assailing monster or simply being kind enough to cook up some food, there's little Link won't do for other. Anyone who needs him is worth putting his life on the line, always. Link's fierce loyalty is not only to the Princess, his companions, and the people of Hyrule, but to the very ideals of peace and justice themselves--he essentially allowed himself to die for all of it at one point.

On a more personal level, Link's silence marks him as someone who may seem slightly detached on the outside, but contrary to this, Link has a lot of complex emotions swirling behind his ever-pursed lips. Born into the role of a knight, Link has lived with an enormous pressure draped over his shoulders. Living up to the name of a Hyrulian Knight molded into someone who saw the value of his duty higher than the value of his own feelings--something that would only be exacerbated by the increased pressures of becoming the Princess' chosen Champion. Link finds it easier to act strong and silent, and had behaved this way for much of his life, leading it to eventually cause him to have great difficulty expressing his true feelings. Thus, he'll bottle up his feelings most of the time in lieu of speaking or acting on them, prioritizing his knightly conduct over himself. While growing close to Zelda and the other Champions he traveled with, Link began to have an easier time opening up and speaking his mind, showing that while he has difficulty, the right people can still coax out an outward show of emotion from Link.

Despite his silence, Link has many things he greatly enjoys and is passionate about. For one, he loves to eat. If there's a hot meal or a sweet treat nearby, you can bet Link is already ready and willing to stuff his face with it. On his own time, he can often be found by a cooking pot trying different combinations of vegetables, fruits, and other things he's found during his travels. A fondness for animals and wildlife has given him a great love for animals, horses in particular. Becoming an expert rider, Link finds himself bonding with most every horse he finds in the wild. With an adventurous spirit, Link loves exploring the wilds of Hyrule, grinning after every uncovered treasure he manages to dig out from each of Hyrule's nooks and crannies.


Umbrella #1: Spirit of the Hero: Link is the reincarnation of a legendary Hero which appears every great many years. Inheriting the spirit of the hero means being capable of much more than the average warrior. As Link is blessed by the Goddess during his quest, Link has greatly enhanced vitality, reflexes, stamina, and strength that surpasses the average Hylian (or human being).

Umbrella #2: The Master Sword: The legendary sword used by the Hero each time the world is in need of his aid. The sword is as strong and sharp as a blade can be, and is essentially unbreakable. When confronted with true evil, the sword will emit a heavenly glow and become even more powerful. Though the blade cannot break, it can become tarnished and lose power if used carelessly, and will then take time to recharge before being at its peak strength once more. When Link is at peak vitality, he can even use the sword to fire out small blades of light strong enough to cut down trees.

Umbrella #3: The Shiekah Slate: A powerful, ancient tool tied to this incarnation of Link. The slate acts as a camera and map in its base state. However, Link's slate has been outfitted with various runes that allow it to perform some little miracles for him.
-It can materialize ONE small bomb at a time that explodes in a short radius. (It takes a bit to recharge before another bomb can be materialized.)
-It can be used to lift and control small to medium sized metal objects, however using this feature requires Link's full strength and attention, and must stand relatively still to properly utilize.
- It can create small blocks of ice on top of bodies of water. (It takes a bit to recharge this feature)
- It can freeze objects in momentary stasis, about seven seconds maximum. The effect can be used on monsters and enemies alike, however the during it typically reduced to less than a second unless the target is in an extraordinarily weakened state. (It takes a while to recharge this feature)
(If any of these abilities have to be altered or removed, that's totally okay!)

COMMUNITY POST (VOICE) SAMPLE: [Link looks...Puzzled. Confused and likely nervous, or at the very least, apprehensive. He looks towards and away from the camera multiple times before finally opening his mouth.]

...I don't have any "dollar bills." [He says it with a slight frown. Like it's a tragedy. Poor Link is broke and it just downright stinks.]

...I've been asking, but there's no one who can help me receive some.

[A pause.]

I'm very hungry, and would appreciate any information towards a local food source, or "dollar bill" source, if possible.
...This place is very different than where I'm from. Very, very different...[It almost seems like it hurts him to say it. Being in a place he has no understanding of is even more painful than he would have imagined. Having to ask for help like this...Shouldn't he be the one helping people? Maybe he could receive some "dollar bills" for that.]

LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE: The nights are long and dark in Hyrule. The shadows sweep over the forests like blankets, enveloping every person and creature therein. No one can escape it, and even the dim glow of torches cannot remove the sticky shadows that dance around them.

Link dangles his legs over the edge of the apartment build he's found himself perched upon. Leaning his head back, he sighs deeply, loudly--expressing himself to the world around him.

This place is nothing like that, this place is a flashing, shining beacon that never stops, never sleeps. Even at night, the streets fill with these loud, garish orange lights that keep him awake at night. There is no peace. The cars never stop flowing, the voices never stop talking. Everyone is awake with him, watching him. What choice did he have to watch them back? If the city never sleeps, neither can he. There will always be someone out here, suffering, in need of help. Link's hand reaching back, tapping his fingers rhythmically against the hilt of his sword. A vigilant protector, that's what a place like this needs.

He runs the thumb of his right hand underneath his eye. He can feel the bags already. He'll sleep when he has to, but for now...There has to be someone. So far from home, the reason is out there, and they need his help. Tonight.
...But for now, he has to wait for it. Always waiting. First, one hundred years, and now...however long this is going to be. They're all waiting for him, waiting for him to make everything better, to fix all the world's calamities, big and small. It's like being in his own form of stasis. No matter how hard he reaches his hands, he can't feel anything. All ties to home have been severed. All of his comfort, his loves, his life...They do not exist here. This place is not where he belongs, is it? What does it mean that he's here? What matters? What doesn't matter? A Hylian knight...The Princess' chosen champion...what does any of that really mean here? What did it ever mean?

"...Who am I really?"

FINAL NOTES:Thank you for reading!


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